April 24, 2012


December 3, 2010

Linda said, "When I put on your jewelry I feel instantly glamorous."

Just wanted to let you know C. loved her birthday present. She said, "Did you get it from Norma? Did she help pick it out? She knows what I like!" It even matched the sweater she was wearing, so great a success.

Linda Steffe: "Norma, I just wanted to let you know that every time I wear your necklaces, I get compliments! Yesterday I received three! Thank you!"

Ann Ellenson: "I just love Norma's work. She has designed several pieces for me and I cherish each one. She is a true artist and has great style and design sense."

Ilan Kwittken:
"This is a beautiful piece of jewelry that Norma Wellington made for my Mom years ago. I had always loved it. Check out all of her beautiful jewelry, and I don't get any kick back or commission from any of her sales, lol. Just like to spread the word when I know great places to buy beautiful one of a kind jewelry."
Your jewelry has always been gorgeous!! My Mom has several pieces she has purchased from you over the years..loves them!!
December 18, 2010

Whitney Kelting: Norma's work is beautiful.

" Norma, I wore my sapphire ring in South Africa and since. Got lots of compliments!" NS

I have received my new ring! The ring is GORGEOUS and has exceeded both mine and Ali's expectations. Thank you so very much for all of your patience and help!
Jennifer and Ali