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Norma will be presenting her fall collection in her studio on October 13 from 4 PM to 7PM. The collection was designed to coordinate with the popular colors of this fall's fashions. At this private event she will be serving Marsala (Pantone's color of the year). Norma's "Rosy Necklace" was selected by the Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America for their Spring Styles issue which is sent to 20,000 retail jewelers. Sunday April 26,2015 Norma presented her One Woman Jewelry Show at the JCC on the Palisades to benefit the Alzheimer's program.

mjsa collage

Prior to the royal wedding, Norma designed earrings similar to those worn by Princess Katherine. Of course, her earrings did not have a family crest incorporated. She used colored stones so that they would be less costly. She chose blue topaz for the something blue.

Princess Kate Blue Topaz Drops

Norma's soap opera story
Apropos of the ending of "All My Children", did you know that the beginning of her career and near the show's conclusion Norma was selected to be the jewelry designer for the soap opera "Edge of Night". One of the main characters was abducted and she was found because of Norma's bracelet. The bracelet took up the full T.V. screen.
This is the subsequent version of that bracelet in onyx, diamonds, and white gold.

Edge of Night bracelet

Norma Wellington was chosen as the best jewelry redesigner by Heather Zwain, fashion editor of 201 Magazine, in the Best of Bergen February 2011 issue.

Zwain Article

36 modeles, sellers, cashiers, and chair people helped present Norma Wellingtons one woman show to provide scholarships for underprivileged children at bergenPAC in December 2010.

Wellington in Lights

The Norma Wellington Pin "Flight to Haven" appeared in the October 2010 issue of the New York Magazine. This pin was created ten years ago for the famous Ruth Gruber and it has become her signature piece. She had it on as usual in her photograph when she was listed as a person of "a near century of influence."

Flight to Haven Pin made for Ruth Gruber

Heather Zwain, fashion editor of (201) Magazine, who hosts the weekly "(201) Update" webcast, was interviewed on the tv broadcast of "One-on-One." She opted to wear Wellington earrings that she purchased. See below for an image of Heather Zwain on the show.

Heather Zwain on the tv show.

Norma Wellington's "Violet Flute" necklace was among the 30 selected from pieces made by the major jewelry designers and manufacturers in the industry. Her amethyst and gold necklace was shown at an important, annual jewelry exhibition. This is the second time a Norma Wellington Design has been chosen for this prestigious event which wass sponsored by the JIC, an arm of Jewelers of America. 60 consumer and trade editors visited the exhibition and the piece appeared in JCK, the most prestigious trade magazine of the industry.

Violet Flute

Jewelry show at the JCC was a success. In addition to return clients, there were a significant number of new clients. Women treated themselves to a gift and husbands purchased pieces for their wives. At the show, Norma introduced her new hammered collection.

Hammered Faces Sterling Hammered Earrings

Norma Wellington was selected for the premier issue of the Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers Buyer's Resource Book for the year 2009

Norma was featured in 201 Magazineís December 2008 issue in the Fashion 411 section for her ability to make an old skirt "New Again" by joining it to a new jacket in the way that her repeat customers recognize her unique ability to transform outdated pieces into desirable new ones. ("New Again" is the title of a seminar given by Norma detailing A Fascinating Look at Jewelry Redesign.)

Fashion 411 Magazine

Norma Wellington in Fashion 411 Magazine Norma Wellington in Fashion 411 Magazine

"Renaissance" 18K Coral and Onyx necklace as seen on the July 2008 Style page called "Coral Society" in "(201)" magazine.

18K Coral and Onyx

The Norma Wellington Women Diver's Hall of Fame pin was presented to President Macapagal-Arroyo who was elected into the Women Divers Hall of Fame because of her outstanding accomplishments in the field of marine conservation. President Arroyo was commended for enacting a national conservation policy to protect the Philippines, an archipelagic nationís, unique and rich marine resources.

President Arroyo

"(201) Bride" magazine in their summer 2008 debut issue used Norma Wellington as the jewelry expert in "Tying the Knot with a Green Ribbon: Eco-friendly brides craft unique ideas." As Hillary Viders wrote, "Tenafly-based Norma Wellington, whose fine jewelry designs are worn by Hollywood and television celebrities, creates one-of-a-kind wedding rings from antique and pre-owned jewelry. Wellington's motto is 'All of the materials we use are genuine and environmentally safe.' "


Channel 7 News anchorwoman Lori Stokes has appeared multiple times wearing Norma's jewelry on Eye Witness news. As she describes it, "Norma Wellington’s jewelry is a reflection of the designer herself, classy, elegant and beautiful. Norma’s jewelry has a distinct look and shows up well on television. Every time I slip on one of her creations I get tons of compliments and I know I’m wearing something special."

Most recently she anchored the 5 o'clock news during the week of January 14th to 18th wearing my jewelry. Lori chose a variety of items from my collection including platinum, diamonds, 18k gold, pearls, and precious and semiprecious stones. Look below to see one of the many pieces she selected.

Lori Stokes Peridot Earrings

Seen on the Style page of March 2008 issue of 201 Magazine: the only designer with two of the five items shown. See below for the pieces, a shaded pink sapphire pendant on diamond chain and a sterling two-level flower on ball chain to match pistil and stamen.

Pink FlowerSterling Flower